Ray mcvay - olé mcvay

Südamerika Olé! - Heiße Tanzrhythmen mit Perez Prado, Tito Puente, Xavier Cugat, Luis Arcaraz

Please watch: "Oldie, Evergreen, Charts, Instrumental, Dance Music (Tanzmusik) Viva el Paso - Orchestra Ray McVay"

If you run Firefly Media Server , you can run this script to create an M3U of all the tracks on your server. You can play this in most audio players; VLC likes it, as does iTunes (though big playlists take an age to load). Rhythmbox and the default Ubuntu Movie Player won’t touch my playlist of over 17,000 tracks.

Ray McVay - Olé McVayRay McVay - Olé McVayRay McVay - Olé McVayRay McVay - Olé McVay